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Your Brand, Our Expertise: Private Label Sock Manufacturing

Elteksan Textile Co., is the best custom socks manufacturer in Turkey, has been focusing on the socks production since 1999. We can produce socks in bulk according to your own sock designs and requirements. 

We have the most competitive prices for  United States and European clients, which can enhance their competitiveness and greatly promote their sock business with the advantage of Turkey's location and transport costs

Our wide range socks collection will definitely meet your needs. Besides sample production, we are able to produce for custom in order minimum 1.200 pairs by color/by size.

We can produce women's, men's and kids' socks in various yarns ; Cotton, Modal, Bamboo, Wool, Mercerized etc. 

        Are you seeking a trusted partner to bring your brand's custom sock designs to life? Look no further than Elteksan Sock Manufacturing Factory. We specialize in producing top-quality custom socks, including diabetic, compression, ski, bamboo, cycling, and yoga/pilates socks. As a leading manufacturer catering to businesses across the United States, we are committed to providing exceptional quality, customization options, and reliable service. Discover why Elteksan is ideal for your private-label sock manufacturing needs.


Funny Socks

  At Elteksan Sock Manufacturing Factory, we take pride in creating vibrant and customizable private label colorful socks. As a trusted manufacturer, we offer a wide range of high-quality socks that can be tailored to perfectly represent your brand.

Our expertise lies in crafting socks that are not only comfortable and durable but also visually striking. We understand that socks are an essential fashion accessory that allows individuals to express their unique style and personality. That's why we go above and beyond to produce colorful socks that make a statement.

Diabetic Socks Manufacture

Diabetic Socks

  At Elteksan, we understand the importance of comfortable and supportive socks for individuals with diabetes. Our diabetic socks are carefully crafted with specialized materials and designs to promote circulation, reduce friction, and prevent foot complications. With our custom manufacturing capabilities, we can create diabetic socks that bear your brand's unique identity while ensuring superior comfort and functionality

Bamboo Socks

   Experience the luxurious comfort and eco-friendly benefits of bamboo socks. Our bamboo socks are crafted from sustainable and hypoallergenic bamboo fibers, offering breathability, moisture-wicking properties, and a silky-smooth feel. With Elteksan, you can customize bamboo socks that appeal to environmentally-conscious customers while providing exceptional softness and durability.

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"Ready to elevate your brand with premium Private Label sock manufacturing? Take the next step towards success today! Contact us to discuss your vision and explore the possibilities of creating custom socks that embody your brand identity. Don't miss out on the opportunity to differentiate yourself in the market and delight your customers. Get in touch now to start the journey of crafting exceptional Private Label socks!"

Ski Socks Manufacture
Ski Socks

    Prepare your customers for their next skiing adventure with our high-performance ski socks. Our ski socks offer exceptional warmth, cushioning, and support due to moisture-wicking materials. Whether for professional athletes or recreational skiers, we can create ski socks that match your customers' expectations and align with your brand's identity.

Cycling Socks Manufacture

Cycling Socks

 Equip cyclists with high-performance socks that enhance their riding experience. Our cycling socks are designed with moisture-wicking fabrics, reinforced padding, and arch support to maximize comfort and reduce fatigue during long rides. Customizable in design, colors, and branding, our cycling socks will elevate your customers' cycling gear and promote your brand.


Yoga / Pilates Socks

  Enhance balance, grip, and stability during yoga and Pilates sessions with our specialized socks. Our yoga and pilates socks feature anti-slip grips and moisture-wicking materials, providing traction and comfort for a confident workout experience. Customize these socks with unique designs and your brand's logo to cater to fitness enthusiasts.

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Trampoline Socks

  Experience the ultimate jumping comfort and safety with Elteksan Sock Manufacturing Factory's high-quality trampoline socks. Designed with precision and expertise, our socks provide excellent grip and cushioning for enhanced performance on trampolines. Whether you're a trampoline park, a recreational center, or an individual enthusiast, our customizable trampoline socks are tailored to meet your specific needs. Trust in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and strict quality control processes to deliver durable and top-notch trampoline socks. Elevate your jumping experience with Elteksan Sock Manufacturing Factory.

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    With our private label sock manufacturing services, you can enjoy complete control over the design, materials, and packaging of your socks. Our experienced team will work closely with you to bring your vision to life, ensuring every detail is perfected. From custom patterns and vibrant colors to quality materials and comfortable fit, your private label socks will truly embody your brand's identity. Partner with us to create socks that make a statement and leave a lasting impression on your customers

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